Price Index of Private Apartments in Singapore Unchanged in January

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Index tracking prices of non-landed private apartments in Singapore were overall unchanged in January,  as resale prices of completed private homes in central region’s slight increase offset by the drop of those in the non-central region, flash estimates from the NUS Singapore Residential Price Index (SRPI) showed. ​ Prices of homes in the central region, excluding small units, climbed 0.7% […]



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经上海市人民政府同意,自2016年10月8日起,上海全面实施不动产统一登记制度。上海市规划和国土资源管理局下设的上海市不动产登记局为上海市不动产登记机构,各区县不动产登记事务中心受上海市不动产登记局委托,具体办理辖区范围内不动产登记事务工作。 10月8日起,上海市全面实施不动产统一登记后,房地产登记由不动产登记替代,房地产权证书和登记证明停止发放,颁发《不动产权证书》和《不动产登记证明》。按照“不变不换”的原则,实施不动产统一登记前依法核发的各类不动产权属证书、登记证明继续有效,权利不变动,证书不更换。为方便企业群众办事,按照“便民利民,充分利用已有资源”的原则,各区县现有的房地产交易大厅调整为不动产交易登记大厅,房地产登记受理窗口调整为不动产登记受理窗口,受理不动产登记业务。    

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Fosun Buys Germany Private Bank

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Fosun International said today it has completed the acquisition of 99.91% equity interest in a German private bank Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers, for approximately EUR210 million. Through the acquisition, Fosun aims to continue to strengthen its integrated financial capability in German and European market. This acquisition also marks an important move made by Fosun to establish […]